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11 December 2010 @ 04:24 pm
Haven't had one of these in a while, hm? I can't wait to see what people are working on! As always, these posts are for authors or artists to give us a piece of what they're working on, so the can get feedback and encouragement! Have fun!
08 December 2010 @ 02:26 pm
Hello again! These stories are from dream_exchange, but please rec any that you've enjoyed in the comments!

I Wanted To Be by [name redacted] until reveals over at dream_exchange are up
Arthur/Cobb; PG13

Love this story for its simplicity, and the depth of emotion that it shows. You know what Arthur wants, even though he doesn't let on. It's beautiful.

Very Drunk and Getting Drunker Still by [name redacted] until reveals over at dream_exchange are up
Arthur/Cobb and Eames/Cobb (unrequited toward Cobb), Arthur/Eames; NC17

Love this fic, because it's fantastically written and because it's about Cobb as much as it is about Arthur/Eames.

Reminder:And if you're an artist, inception_bang is up for claims!
29 November 2010 @ 05:45 pm
Since both of the mods here have been terribly busy, there haven't been any new posts in a while. I'm very sorry about that, and I'm laying out a few options since...well, I'm not closing the community, and I don't want it to get too dusty.

1: I haven't been reading much at all, but when I do read a fic and enjoy it, even if it is just one, I link it here.

2: I wait until dream_exchange starts posting and rec from there, since that will be quite a batch of new fic. The fandom has slowed down within the past month as movie fandoms do, and the variety of fic has diminished, so this option might happen no matter what.

Regardless of whether you choose the first or second option, would you all like the Saturday fic posts to continue? I haven't been able to write much (even though I am trying) but I know a lot of authors are much more active than I am, and I know a lot of members enjoy reading the excerpts.
10 November 2010 @ 07:17 pm
Hello, all! I figured that while I was sick and had time, I would give you a mix of recs. Hope you enjoy, and that means that if you are so inclined you should rec whatever you'd like in the comments.

When I was a Child by aimlesstravels
Arthur/Eames, PG13, warning: (possible) character death
Phillipa Marjorie Cobb is only five minutes old the first time she sees her Uncle Arthur. She's eleven the first time she sees him shoot a man. But it doesn't scare her. Not one little bit.

I love this fic. It's a fantastic outsider look at the characters of Inception, and I love Arthur in this. Everyone, really, but this fic lets you fall in love with Arthur.

Inexplicable by velvetmouse on the kink meme
Team with a side note of Ariadne/Cobb, PG
For the prompt: Ariadne does the old 'taking off your bra under your shirt' trick, while talking with the guys. They are amazed and try to figure it out. Arthur starts to try to draw diagrams to figure it out. Eames puts a bra on under his shirt but cannot understand how she did it. Yusef is all 'she's a witch!'

Cobb? He just thinks it's kind of hot.

This is a fun fic with a fantastic Ariadne.

a word for us other than shame by la_victorienne
Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, R, warning: obviously, threesome fic
It would be just his luck, if there were a cat burglar in his bedroom after three weeks in Timbuktu.

Sexy and hilarious fic. Quote: "You're in my bed," he manages, clicking the safety on and laying the gun on the dresser. "You're both in my bed."

"And about to start without you," Ariadne says, cheeky wench. "Do you know how long we've been waiting? Arthur made me watch It Happened One Night."

All In The Balance by cordeliadelayne
Arthur/Cobb, PG
Arthur goes missing on Tuesday.

From Arthur's security settings to Cobb being Cobb, this fic is wonderful.
08 November 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Hello, and welcome to the rec post :) Monday is our porn day and we do have a few PWPs for you today, but this will be another mixed post, since RL's been getting in the way of regular posting recently. So, as always, feel free to leave your recs in the comments!

Untitled kink meme fill by anonymous
Ariadne/Arthur, Ariadne/Cobb, Ariadne/Eames, Ariadne/Mal, Ariadne/Robert, Ariadne/Yusuf; R
Warnings: mentions of prostitution
Prompt: Escort AU! Ariadne is an escort, and the men in Inception are all her clients. I want a fic of her likes and dislikes of these men.

A very insightful take on the prompt with a surprisingly sweet (but not saccharine) ending.

Untitled kink meme fill by anonymous
Cobb/Saito, girl!Saito; NC-17
Prompt: Sex against a window in a skyscraper.

This is just... really hot. I'd like to say something deeper than that but my brain's kind of melted, haha.

Say it Louder by anonymous
Arthur/Cobb; R
Prompt: Cobb's a fugitive wanted for his wife's murder. Arthur's a runaway he picks up on the side of the road. I want the story of their damaged, fucked up, epic love.

No porn in this one, but this is a great little snippet of darkfic that will leave you craving more.

And now for something completely different, because I think everyone should see this:
Inception Kindergarten AU by biohazard_03
Saito, Fischer, Ariadne, Yusuf, Arthur, Eames, Mal, Dom; G
Appropriately adorable art!fill for the prompt: Everyone's in kindergarten. Bonus points if Saito bullies the heck out of Fischer.
02 November 2010 @ 11:43 pm
We're so sorry! Real life is hectic right now, and if all goes well I should be back to reccing once a day sometime next week. Perhaps sooner, if school works out the way I want.
26 October 2010 @ 11:01 pm
Hello, and welcome to the Tuesday rec post! We'll be doing mixed recs today, so feel free to comment with links to your favourite fics from any genre. Hope you can find something to brighten your evening.

Doctored by soda_and_capes
Nash/Yusuf, with hints of Eames/Nash, Arthur/Eames, and Arthur/Nash.
For the kink meme prompt: "When he isn't working a job, Nash is one of the patrons at Yusuf's dream den"

This is sharp, dark, troubling, and so plausible that I've accepted it as personal canon.

Let Me In by ilovetakahana
Ariadne/Mal, background Arthur/Eames; G
"Ariadne falls in love with a projection."

This is simultaneously sweet and sort of melancholy. An excellent character study of Ariadne, with some gratuitous knitting porn if you're into fibre arts!

We Must Unlearn the Constellations to See The Stars by gyzym
Robert/OMC, Robert/Saito; R
"Even in your dreams you never quite try hard enough. Even in your dreams you never get it exactly right."

Breathtakingly lyrical and amazingly insightful. The sort of story I have to read out loud, even if only under my breath, just so that I can taste the words.
23 October 2010 @ 07:11 pm
Hello, all! Sorry this is so late. As usual, this is our fic post! Tease us, ask for concrit, get some help - do whatever you'd like in the comments! Have fun!
22 October 2010 @ 06:18 pm
Cast news day! If I missed anything important, please comment with it? Anyway, lots of news from this week; some is good, some is bad, and some is awesome.

Tom Hardy And Chris Pine On The Set Of 'This Means War' via Zimbio

Tom Hardy rumored to be considered for lead in Total Recall remake via Hollywood Reporter

Baz Luhrmann Workshops ‘Great Gatsby’ With Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire & Rebecca Hall via Indiewire

Chrstopher Nolan at the Scream Awards- Inception wins 6 awards on ONTD, includes youtube video

RE: THE FALL FORMAL from JGL on hitRECord, announcing the cancellation of the show.

Inception (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (2010) is available for preorder on Amazon

But, on AmazonUK:
Inception Limited Edition - Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy), which looks much cooler and comes with special goodies. Neither version has deleted scenes, to my knowledge.
21 October 2010 @ 06:09 pm
Hi! Welcome to Thursday, our art and graphics day! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did, and please rec your own favorites in the comments.

Angel!Arthur with the Cobbs + Arthur doodles by ellegen

SO PRETTY! The Angel!Arthur is wonderful. I love the way this artist conveys Arthur's expressions.

various Cobb/Fischer fanarts by alessa0_0

I love this artist's style, and the way the characters are sort of soft and dreamlike themselves.

Arthur/Eames fanart by sickletongue
(unrated) NSFW

These are gorgeous. The delicate style is beautiful, and the last piece of art might be my favorite, but the animation is really...unf. Go check these out.