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This is a daily rec community for the movie Inception!
Our content will include:

✦fanart and graphics (headers, banners, or screencaps)
✦various challenges for any of the aforementioned things
✦new communities
✦news related to the cast and their upcoming projects, DVD releases, etc.

NOTES: our policy on spoilers is that if you are interested in this community, you have seen the movie. Proceed with caution, otherwise. This community appreciates all recs, from slash to het to gen. Crossovers are welcome throughout, too. As long as the rec goes with the theme of the day, you are welcome to suggest it! This community is to celebrate the movie and the fandom, and to bring people closer, make friends, and find new things within fandom.

Any defamatory or derogatory remarks of any nature, character-bashing or hatred, or otherwise divisive comments will not be tolerated.

Below is a guideline, and what we recommend is to our tastes. Please rec your own favorites in the comments, following the theme of the day!

Our weekly schedule:
By day, theme, and type of rec:

✦Mondays: porn fic, for a happier Monday!
✦Tuesdays: fic with romance, fluff, humor, and/or schmoop!
✦Wednesdays: fic with angst, drama, and action!
✦Thursdays: graphics (icons, headers, banners) and other fanart!
✦Fridays: cast appreciation day! News and information about the cast in one post, and RPF recs in another!
✦Saturdays: post an excerpt of a fic you're working on! Or get some cheerleading if you're having problems.
✦Sundays: fandom and community appreciation day! We will spotlight an affiliate, or a specific challenge. If we lack content related to Inception, we'll go outside of fandom entirely and rec a random, fun, fandom-free community or journal.

If you have any questions, please try our rules and FAQ post!

Our Affiliates:

inception_slash, cobb_arthur, inception_rpf

Contact info:

Send strokeof_genie a private message.

Send icanhaspancake a private message.

Email the mods at this address.


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